"Growing up I always had a love for beauty, hair and makeup. When I graduated high school I was offered a position in a very well known salon and spa in Palo Alto as a receptionist. I remember not particularly loving my position as receptionist but loving the environment as a whole. I remember watching the stylist greet their clients taking them back and creating beautiful styles. I also remember watching them leaving so happy with their hair. I think just in general creating beautiful styles and making people happy was what ultimately made me want to be a stylist. I think it was also something about the relationship between client and stylist that was very appealing to me."

Yesenia describes her professional style as: modern, feminine, innovative, and personalized. Her favorite processes include long women's cuts and beachy looks, “Victoria's Secret” looks, as well as men's cutting. Also special event up-do’s. "I absolutely LOVE to cut and style."

Yesenia's ideal clients are women who are outgoing and want to enhance their natural beauty with a modern yet easily maintained look, and men who wish to refine and update their own classic style. "I provide my clients with precision and consideration, as well as a good laugh or chat."


Yesenia describes her communication and professional style as fun and upbeat. "I do like to consider myself as a stylist and educator for my client. I’m a very good listener but I also have a lot of opinions. I feel like I personally had a lot of bad hair cuts in my life so for the most part if it’s our first time the whole hair cut has a lot of dialog so that I'm really truly creating something that is fun, current, realistic and ultimately something that my client loves and can re-create at home."


To stay inspired and recharge her batteries, Yesenia loves going to New York, where she worked prior to coming to Ketér Salon. "Going back to new York re-inspires me and makes me feel like a part of the world. Hair and fashion is so much more advanced there, so I love to go to continue my training as much as I can." Yesenia is the Bumble & Bumble network educator, which allows her to continue her education as a stylist.

Yesenia's philosophy around her work is that being beautiful and feeling beautiful are the same thing. "I think if you feel beautiful, there's no one that can take that away from you."

"My fun, upbeat attitude along with with my determination to become successful in this industry is what drives my passion for this craft. It’s the reason why I continue to try to learn and expand my knowledge, it is the reason why I’m happy to wake up every day and do what I love as best as I can."

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